Are you interested in working in Switzerland? Perhaps you´re in the process of attending interviews or have already signed an employment contract? Or are you a company looking for support future employees with important decisions? We have answers to all the questions raised by German employees working in Switzerland.

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Wellcome Crossborder commuters and Resident foreign nationals

Crossborder commuters

We are also happy to provide advice in English. You can download our current information brochure for resident foreign nationals (residence in Switzerland) here. We would also be pleased to advise you if you are planning to live in Germany and work in Switzerland. This means that you are a cross-border commuter and have, or are in the proccess of obtaining, a work permit (permit G).

We can advise you on all issues that are relevant for cross-border commuters, including:

  • taxes due
  • health insurance
  • parental allowance/child benefits
  • salary after taxes
  • unemployment insurance
  • direct insurance (reducing taxes pursuant to Pillar 3 in Switzerland)
  • and much more

We would be happy to help you determine whether being a cross-border commuter or resident foreign national would be more beneficial to you, as well as support you in your decision to either live in Germany and work in Switzerland (cross-border commuter), or both work and live in Switzerland (resident foreign national).Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to arrange an appointment.

Resident foreign nationals

Are you planning on moving to Switzerland due to the better career and pay prospects and the superior pension scheme?

In this case we’ve created a brief summary of the important points for you. It is either attached here or can be requested from us. As foreign resident in Switzerland you hardly have to deal with national insurance other than health insurance!

Once foreign residents move in and register, they have to get insurance from a Swiss provider and provide proof to the authorities.

  • The premium is area dependant and differs according to canton (there might even be differences within a canton).
  • The principle of universal health care, discussed in Germany and also called “Kopfpraemie”, is already known in Switzerland. Every person in Switzerland (incl. marriage partner and children) has to pay their own premium.
  • To keep the premium low, a higher excess can be arranged. (By law, the minimum excess is 300 CHF per annum.
  • The voluntary excess rates are 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 or 2500 CHF. (Depending on age and canton is an excess between 1000 and 1500 generally ideal.) Children do not have a mandatory excess but can arrange for one.
  • Also the Swiss system does recognize a further 10% excess in addition to the already existing one for doctor’s bills and medications. (Which is limited to 700 CHF – 350 CHF for children – per year.) For the German “comprehensive cover-mentality” this system needs getting used to, but it does have its appeal!
  • We offer our customers efficient component-models which combine the economic Swiss basic plan (incl. natural health practitioner, cover for glasses, health promotion, choice of hospital and to private doctor in hospital) with the powerful German dental care plan (similar to our D/CH cross-border commuter plan).
  • Returning to a German (or another EU social health insurance) legal plan will not cause any problems, as we only facilitate recognized Swiss insurance providers.

Use the contact form to order a non-binding offer, perfectly tailored to your personal or your family’s needs (asking is free and could possibly save you a lot of money!).